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Detectable range

Two detectable options

  • A fully detectable range, where the complete item is detectable. This is for industries that want to ensure that production achieves a secure process at an extra high level.
  • A range where only the filaments are detectable

Detectable products to prevent serious consequences

Food safety requirements are more demanding than ever and certain standards, (e.g. BRC) require detectable products to be used in food and beverage production as mandatory. Poor product management and subsequent lax controls can have serious consequences. Financial losses and recalls due to foreign objects in finished product can create bad publicity and position your brand as unprofessional and unreliable.

Detectable product testing

  • We have tested various block and rubber pieces from several detectable products in various sizes and brushware filaments. The various block and rubber pieces are from fully moulded handle, dough scraper and squeegees with detectable rubber.
  • The detectability test is checked on the LOMA SYSTEMS detector model IQ3ST, with different settings - frequency, angle phase and threshold. Size of the inspection window 350 x 750mm repeats on all products.
  • In all tests, detectable samples are placed inside different brand product packages to achieve the most realistic result. 
  • Detectable product manufacturing is a complicated process. The composition of the materials that make the product detectable can make filaments less flexible. Rubber and full moulded items can become fragile over time.

 Please note: FBK is not responsible for any test or production/machine failures.

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